I'm Benjamin Adolphe

(/Ben’Jhamən/) - Patience, Mental Planning, and Explosive Speed

  • Weapon Epee
  • CLASS 2019
  • GPA 3.7/4.0 (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Focus)
  • High School The Potomac School, Virginia
  • EMAIL ben@epeeben.com
  • Registered in NCAA Clearinghouse

I love fencing epee because every bout is different. Like a forensic pathologist, I enjoy looking for the clues about my opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and solving each match like a puzzle. I also love the fact that everyone underestimates me until its too late. Over the next three years I plan to continue growing academically and as an athlete. I hope to position myself well to fence at the varsity level at a leading university, and pursue a career in medicine and robotics.

NAC, National, Junior Olympic, RJCC, & SYC Statistics

Bouts 586
5-Touch Win Rate 80.7%
Overall Win Rate 62.2%
Tournament Count 54
National Rank (Cadet) 45th
Region 6 Rank (Junior U20) 5th


International Fencing Statistics

Bouts TBD
Wins TBD
Win Rate TBD
Medals TBD

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  • I am on the right.
  • I am on the left.
  • I am on the left.
  • I am on the right.
  • I am on the right.
  • I am on the right.
  • I am on the right.
  • I am on the right.
  • I am on the right.
  • I am on the right.
  • I start match on the right.
  • I start match on the left.
  • I start match on the left.
  • 5 Touch Results 2017
  • 15 Touch JO Match
  • Priority Video
  • Counter Attack
  • Tactical
  • Speed & Touch
  • Patience
  • Timing
  • Rallying Team
  • Speed 2
  • VA Div 1A Epee
  • Penn State Open
  • Arm & Glove Touches

Head Epee Coach's Recommendation

ben_team-photoI am proud to coach Ben at the Fencing Sports Academy (FSA).  Ben is a patient, smart, and talented young man. Ben always arrives for practice on time, and with a positive and respectful attitude. He is a team player who fits in perfectly with all members of our club.

Through his hard work and dedication, Ben earned his Division 1 B rating at the age of 14 and has been on the national points list each year.

Ben has made FSA proud and will make you proud as well!


Samir Mahmoud