Education and Academic Honors


The Potomac School

An independent K-12 college preparatory school with strong focus on humanities, liberal arts, and STEM education. Enrolled in accelerated math and science courses.

Classes Taken in 2016 - 2017

Enrolled in the Accelerated Math and Science Program

  • Accelerated Algebra 2
  • Chemistry Quantitative Analysis
  • English 10
  • Chinese Studies 3
  • The Modern World
  • Intro to Computer Science
  • Intro to Architectural Design
Classes Taken 2015 - 2016

Enrolled in the Accelerated Math and Science Program

  • Accelerated Algebra 1
  • Accelerated Geometry
  • Accelerated Biology
  • Chinese Studies 1 and 2
  • Early Civilizations and Global Contact
  • Strings/Orchestra


  • Ben, you are a fine example of perseverance and endurance. I am at awe at your dedication to the things you love and can't wait to see the amazing things you will continue to accomplish. With love and respect,

    Gabriela Bohnett String Teacher at The Little Mozart Academy
  • Ben is a talented student and athlete and is also lucky to have amazing parents cheering him on in every way.

    Tina T. Starling, Ph.D. Mathematics Teacher, The Potomac School
  • Way to go Ben!! We're all proud of your effort in math and your continued improvement!! Way to go!

    Jerry Kountz Head of Intermediate School, The Potomac School
  • Ben, great job at Nationals in Dallas! Your hard work really paid off. We are going right back to work to make your weaknesses your strong points!

    Eric Hernandez Eric Hernandez Boxing
  • Ben is a strong addition to the Potomac Robotics team; with a logic mindset he is able to tackle tough engineering problems. His documentation skills can be seen in his engineering notebook, also he is able to incorporate himself well with his teammates, and is able to problem solve through difficult situations.

    James Gillespie US Computer Science/Robotics Teacher