My Family


Father’s Name: Eric Adolphe
Father’s Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Juris Doctorate Degree
Father’s Occupation: CEO of a Technology Start-up

Mother’s Name: Eunja Adolphe
Mother’s Education: Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, and Juris Doctorate Degree
Mother’s Occupation: Patent Attorney

Community Service



No fencing today. Instead I volunteered with other members of the Potomac Robotics Team at the McLean Arts Festival, STEM village. The STEM village is an annual resource development area for local elementary, middle, and high school students focusing on visual arts experiences applied to robotics, science, math and engineering Click here for video.


Every year, my family cooks and serves meals for residents at the Loudoun Homeless Services Center. We each choose a different meal to make. My speciality is spaghetti and meatballs.